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Who Are UKATA?
Training in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Who Are UKATA? Find Out More About UKATA (United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association) And Their Training. We work with UKATA to offer local training throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Before 2008, the HSE (Health and Safety Executives) held a vast list of Asbestos Training Providers known as the ATPWG (Asbestos Training Providers Working Group). 

There was a necessity to raise standards in terms of training within the field and asbestos industry. Thus, UKATA (United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association) began after suggesting the formation of a trade association. 

Find more brief facts and information regarding UKATA below:

They held an inaugural meeting for UKATA in September 2007 with 41 out of 50 independent training providers on the ATPWG list, of which they agreed to join. 
UKATA began trading in January 2008, and they rapidly accepted numerous applications from Licensed, Non-licensed and Asbestos awareness training providers. 
The overall vision of those working and trading with UKATA is to be the leading authority for asbestos training in the United Kingdom. 
To achieve this mission, they set out to continue to gatekeep the established standards that ensure UKATA consistently remains trusted and respected by the industry, its members and employee individuals. 
UKATA actively markets itself across all communication channels to attract new members, organisations and businesses and raise awareness. Doing so allows them to expand the reach of UKATA-approved asbestos awareness training that complies with HSE and IATP regulations. 
They continue to work alongside and within the legal guidelines of crucial current legislation as the minimum. However, they also seek to be positively recognised and influence asbestos legislation, ensuring the UK has the highest standards of asbestos safety. 
UKATA aims to be highly collaborative in the industry to forge effective, efficient and mutually beneficial partnerships with other companies and providers. Such a thing will allow them to grow and develop multiple new ways of working and communicating their health and safety regulations. 
UKATA's primary mission is recognised as a wish to remain at the forefront of asbestos awareness training. They are deeply committed to improving and maintaining their high standards of asbestos training by monitoring all ongoing UKATA-approved training providers. 
UKATA are committed to their members, and to working collaboratively with them to develop and achieve. To find new ways to tackle asbestos training at a high quality to continue exceeding the requirements of the industry stakeholders and general public. 
They are honest, open, and inclusive that companies and members respect and trust their leading authority on asbestos-related work. 

Why Choose a UKATA Training Provider?

Choosing a professional UKATA training provider is a brilliant idea for your company and staff. All tutors are subject to a vast tutor knowledge test via the UKATA online registration - the OTR system. 

The test assesses vital knowledge through an accessible online exam and the harsh criteria each potential tutor must meet to begin training. The criteria states, asbestos awareness trainers must have a minimum of three years of experience working in the industry, including a background of surveying, analytical, removal, training, management and consultancy, alongside any health and safety background that could be necessary or useful.  

Potential trainers should have a minimum of 3 years and a formal asbestos qualification, such as: UKATA New Manger Course Qualifications (BOHS, P402, P405 or P406)

Or any other qualifications UKATA approves, this acceptability is deciphered by the Executive Committee. All Licensable and Non-licensable trainers should have at least three years of experience in the field. They must efficiently and safely demonstrate a comprehensive and practical working knowledge of the asbestos industry and its legislative requirements. 

When working with UKATA training providers registered in England, participants and users receive UKATA certificates after completing courses that will enhance their validity in the field and has no expiry date. UKATA training providers issue and offer courses that are cost-effective with VAT per person. 

Products and Services

UKATA offers one specific classification of professional membership. 

They offer their services and memberships out to companies, businesses and individuals in the field wishing to undertake the delivery of any category of asbestos training as an approved provider.   

To attain a membership means serious dedication to delivering such high-quality in-person and downloadable online training standards to fellow employees and staff teams for a significant profit. 

UKATA delivers and oversees several types of asbestos training to and for training providers, such as:


They deliver training for Non-licensable work with asbestos for those workers who may work directly with asbestos-containing materials or environments that disturb asbestos.

Asbestos Awareness:

They deliver in-person and e-learning online asbestos awareness training as a basic introduction for construction and maintenance workers to asbestos awareness online. It is not for any form of training for working directly with asbestos. 


They deliver training services for licensed work with asbestos and those who frequently contact asbestos materials. 

Management Courses

Two UKATA management courses support those employers in better managing their teams for asbestos-related work and asbestos-based locations. We provide the Duty to Manage course and the Three Day Appointed Person course. 

The Duty to Manage course under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, regulation 4 allows for this course to assist employers specifically with their management of asbestos. It covers an overview of managers' duties and demands in non-domestic premises, specified in CAR 2012. 

The Appointed Person courses provide our delegates with plenty of suitable theoretical and practical skills that allow them to undertake the management of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) inside commercial buildings and properties they are responsible for, defined in CAR 2012. 

At the end of all courses, participants shall receive a 12-month UKATA certificate valid for all asbestos industry purposes. 

UKATA Syllabus

Asbestos Awareness (Formally known as Category A)

In the syllabus, trainers assist the employers and participants in meeting the requirements by explaining the essential properties of asbestos. We present the effects it can have on the health of individuals, the different types of asbestos and the locations and ACMs (asbestos-containing materials) inside the workplace or domestic buildings and plants.     

We describe the general procedures one must follow in an emergency and avoid any harm or risks from ACMs. 

Non-Licensable Works (NNLW) (Formally known as Category B)

The syllabus of Category B is a slightly more in-depth module that sets out specific guidance published by the HSE issued by UKATA (the UK Asbestos Training Association) for any NNLW non-licensed work within the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR). 

The training goes a tad more into details about the risks, the minimum content of all the courses, how to protect yourself and your staff from ACMs, etc. The topics and content are a little more tailored to particular job roles and locations. 

Licensable Works (Formally known as Category C)

We must assume that those requiring this training category would be working for a professional asbestos licence holder to define in CAR 2012, regulation 8. They may also be undertaking specific ancillary works with some supervision provided by licensed asbestos removal contractors. 

Delegates with separate roles cannot partake in a general course; they must be different. Training is based and catered towards the employee's position. UKATA divides them into two separate categories, Initial Training and Refresher Training, with an additional category that is practical training. Refresher training is perfect for retaining old or existing employees of your organisation that have been there many years. It allows us to acquaint them with newer skills and information.

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